Choosing The Perfect Insert

A stunning cushion is truly the sum of its parts!


A cushion cover is nothing without the right insert and unfortunately cushion inserts are not all created equal!

Let me tell you a little story before I begin.  When Dani and I first started out on our journey to launch Evie and Skye we spent hours doing our research into what created the most luxurious cushion.  We soon discovered that the most stunning cushion cover was nothing without the perfect insert.

Time and time again we saw luxury cushions with limp, lumpy and flat inserts, and as a result the cushions just didn’t exude the wow factor.  Consequently, we spent nearly as much time perfecting our inserts as we did on our covers.  So, let me tell you how cushion inserts differ and why they are so important!


When it comes to cushion inserts bigger is better!

If a cushion insert fails to fill a cushion cover all the way to the tips of each corner, it will just look sad and cheap…no matter how much you paid for the cover!

Therefore, you will need to buy an insert that is bigger than your cover.  We have tested a range of different sizes, and we always size up our inserts by 2.5cm as we have a high density insert for that extra touch of luxury.


There are so many different fillings to choose from for cushion inserts, and it can become very overwhelming very quickly.  One wrong move and bingo bango you have a lumpy, hard, uninviting cushion that people would rather toss out the window!

So, let me give you the cheat notes on the various materials that are used to stuff cushion inserts and how we came about choosing the perfect filling for our Evie and Skye Cushions.

Feather and Down Inserts

Down comes from the undercoating, fluffy part of ducks and geese feathers — and it’s the most luxurious option for cushion inserts.

Cushions with feather and down inserts offer a plushness and “oomph” that cannot be replicated by another other filling. The feathers in the insert provide a luxurious weight to the cushion, while the down makes it delightfully comfortable and opulent.

Down and feather cushions are 100% natural and require a fluffing after use to ensure a perfectly plump profile.  Feather and Down are of the highest quality, and are more expensive than other fillings, but with proper care, they can last a long time.

Feather Inserts

Feather filled inserts are the most widely used filling in the soft furnishing industry. This filling should be made up of pure duck feathers which are small in size and have a natural curl which give cushions a soft plumpness.  Feathers do flatten when they are sat on and will need to be “poofed” up to create that perfectly plump effect.

Some feather pillows will last decades if you take care of them properly. This is because duck feathers are naturally durable.

There is a myth that duck feather cushion inserts are not suitable for people that suffer from allergies.  However, allergic reactions are usually caused by dust mite droppings and not the feathers themselves.  If you wash and care for your cushions regularly you can avoid contamination of dust mites!

Fibre Inserts

Polyester fibre inserts are lightweight, easy to wash and hold their shape after repetitive use.  They offer greater back support and are resilient.  Fibre filling is non-allergenic and the material is odourless.

They do not have the luxurious, plump cushion appearance and the fibre quality can impact the comfort factor.

Eco Friendly Inserts

Eco inserts can be made from recycled water bottles, buckwheat hulls or sheep wool.  Cushions with an Eco filling hold their shape and do not have that “oomph” feeling when you settle into them.  Instead eco inserts offer a durable, firm feel that offers great support.

If you love the look of the what they call the “karate chop” in the interiors industry, Eco cushions are not for you…they will bounce back faster than a rubber ball!

Eco cushions are of course good for the environment and they are non-allergenic and antibacterial.


Our ultimate goal when choosing our inserts was to find the most luxurious and comfortable cushion that would honour our covers.


In all honestly our testing process was similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

The Fibre Inserts were too lumpy and blah.

The Eco Inserts were too ridged.

The Feather Inserts were lovely but just didn’t have the WOW factor!

And then we tried….

The Down and Feather Inserts and they were perfect in every way!



54.5cm x 54.5cm Feather/Down Insert
54.5cm x 54.5cm Feather/Down Insert
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52.5cm x 52.5cm Feather/Down Insert
52.5cm x 52.5cm Feather/Down Insert
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32.5cm x 32.5cm Feather/Down Insert
32.5cm x 32.5cm Feather/Down Insert
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