A Chat With Emmie Lou

We had the honour to collaborate with the gorgeous Emmie Lou and her stunning art pieces.

For us, her art and style was love at first sight. Her Art is unique, playful yet edgy. We felt mellow from the moment we arrived, realising how much we had in common. The door opened, the effortlessly gorgeous Emmie warmly welcomed us. It was pure bliss. My senses were elated. Divinely fragrant candles lit in every room combined with gorgeous music from the classic 1940s and 1950’s era. This highlighted just how much we both are old souls in young bodies and could forever dream of the classic time periods that never fade. The sophisticated era of true timeless elegance and style. Perhaps that is exactly why we were so drawn to her.

We were bursting to ask her some questions.

What is your background and evolution as an artist?
I have spent the last 8 years of my career working in digital marketing and began to feel slightly lost and disheartened by a world of Facetune and filters. I craved a world before devices, a time when we lived blissfully in the moment (in place of documenting everything, or it never happened). Having studied Fine Art at Parsons Paris, I always had the itch to go back to painting, as if there was some unfinished business that was halted by the ‘you’ll never make a living as an artist’ chat that I was constantly confronting.

I had entered a depression, frustrated and unfulfilled. I had nothing to lose and bought a box of paints and an enormous canvas. The first stroke felt like an immediate weight had been lifted, the intimacy of the brush swimming across the cotton, the endless colours and compositions I had to release. Layers upon layers of hidden messages, expression and positivity ensued. I had finally found the light.

What influences and inspires you?
I reference a whimsical bygone era throughout many of my pieces, whether it’s summer in a 1960’s St Tropez, a bewitching F.Scott Fitzgerald quote or a candy-floss sunset. I try to let the inspiration flow as organically as possible and trust my intuition will take the piece where it needs to go.

Would you say that your background in terms of upbringing has influenced your art, is it informed by certain concepts and themes from childhood and travel to where you lived and were raised?
Absolutely! I am lucky enough to be from Australia but was brought up in Paris and London, so travel has played a huge role in my art.  Being exposed to some of the world’s most amazing masterpieces at a young age was pivotal in steering me into a creative career. In saying that, I also have a strong link to my Aussie roots, and I’m heavily influenced by their modern art scene, which I feel is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

What does your artwork aim to say?
I aim to bring to life an abstract universe inspired by mystical femininity. Each piece is an oversized portal into an imaginary world where silhouetted figures are immersed in vibrant, whimsical scenes. My main goal with each piece is to ‘lift’ the viewer to a state of joy and empowerment. I try to toe the line between full abstraction combined with figurative elements (that magical sweet spot in between is what I live for!).

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What does your art mean to you?
Everything! I count the lucky stars that I get to do what I love every day. It is an extraordinary vocation that is equal parts tough and rewarding, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Emmie Lou painting in her studio

How does your art influence your interiors?
I love the curved lines in interiors that feeds into my painting style; I’m constantly aiming for a soft feminine curve with each stroke. From the Vertigo Pendant Lamp hanging in my living room to the vintage Mario Bellini sofa and the asymmetrically curved Isamu Noguchi coffee table, it seems that my love of the curve is abundant in my interiors aesthetic too.

I love Evie and Skye because their playful prints add the perfect finishing touch to my interior space.

The Savannah, The Oscar, and The Square Velvet in Blush compliment Emmie’s artwork beautifully.

What’s next for you?
My first solo show in May; stay tuned….

After the shoot, we realised how compatible we are in style and colour and are planning a fun collaboration for an upcoming collection. This is definitely an artist to watch.




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