Joyous Kids Rooms

If I think back to all the rooms I have decorated over the years my daughters bedroom comes to mind as my favourite.  My daughter was my first child and I remember the wonderful experience of selecting every item that would enter her sacred nursery.  It was a new and exciting time!  The exhilarating freedom of designing her room with colours, patterns and textures that I hadn’t played with before was joyous.  My daughter’s bedroom, was a cosy, practical, comfortable and stylish boudoir and it made me smile morning, noon and night.


Two years later my son was born and a room for one tiny tot was to become a room for two.  Again, it presented a wonderful challenge to design a space that a pink loving 2 year old would love, whilst also creating a gentle space for a newborn.



My kids are now 6 and 8, they have their own rooms and they have very clear ideas of what they want their rooms to represent.  Today it’s a collaborative process of brainstorming with my kids to create a space that truly represents their personalities and that they are happy to play in, work in and maybe one day sleep in.



The one thing I have learnt over the years is it the sky is the limit and the more I allowed my childish self to join the fun, the more joyous my kids rooms became.



Children’s bedrooms are places that evolve and they can migrate from whimsical pastels through cheerfully contrasting colours.  They are not stagnant rooms, which is what makes them so fun to create.



When we were designing our Tiny Tots Range we wanted to present a range of designs that could be mixed and matched…some classical and others beautifully bright and playful!


What’s your favourite style of kids bedroom?


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