In the summer of 2016, we were sitting in one of London's beautiful gardens enjoying a morning coffee while our kids happily pottered around us. This unassuming playdate ended up being the catalyst of a 4 year journey to launch a luxury lifestyle brand.

We would later name our brand Evie and Skye, after our daughters, without whom we would still be passing each other on the Chiswick High Rd.

From the very beginning we were driven to elevate homes with an integrated line of aspirational, fresh and luxurious homewares inspired by the decorative style of the Art Deco movement, the fresh sophistication of the Amalfi Coast and the casual playfulness of Palm Springs.

Narratives of generations past and a patchwork of cultures lived by us both.

Dani often says that her maternal Grandfather’s heritage was the architect of who she is today.

"He was uniquely creative genius, who exuded timeless elegance. The sun-drenched towns of the Amalfi Coast were his home and he lived amongst the colourful properties that tumble down to the sea's edge. His creative spirit has definitely been passed down and his love for fresh, bold and impeccable design continues to be the link that binds us today”.

While designing our launch collection, we spent hours researching and learning about an industry that we loved but knew very little about. The road was long and every step was a learning curve. We realised early on that to create a product that would meet our exceptionally high standards we couldn’t pretend to be experts at anything.

We used every interaction as a learning opportunity and whilst the journey took longer, we ended up with products that represented our mutual aestheticism.

When we stand back and look at our range we see so much of who we are today and where we have come from.

It is a carefully curated collection that pays homage to our ancestors. The stories we grew up with are encapsulated in our designs.

Anchored in a colour palette of blues, greens, blushes and yellows offset by crisp white, each of our 10 designs complement one another encouraging our cushions to be mixed, matched and layered.

A complimentary set of luxurious velvet cushions provides character and depth to the range. When combined, the textural variations created by the high-quality cottons, silk cotton blends and velvets, elevates space and allows people to tell their individual story.

With our children as our muses, we also crafted a perfectly petit collection of 12 Tiny Tot cushions.

Disappointed by the lack of stylish and interesting children’s bedding for our own children, we set out to design a range that was sophisticated, yet playful, allowing parents to create sweet yet imaginative bedrooms for their precious Tiny Tots.

All our designs are named after a place or person that has meaning to us, for example The Barnaby is named after my second child.

We couldn’t name the brand after his sister without giving him his own design and boy has it paid off!! He proudly announces to everyone that he has a cushion named after him!

We are extremely proud to support the British Textile and Manufacturing Industry. We acknowledge that there has never been a tougher time to launch a small business, but it’s also during these times that we have seen the role of the home change.

Homes have become safe havens, retreats from the external chaos of the world, and people are wanting to elevate their space as they increasingly spend more of their time in the confines of their home.